Phuket – How We Survive

Lol. The title looks scary. Actually I want to say “Phuket’s Cuisine” but we hadn’t try all foods at Phuket, because man~ price for food at tourism destination can be so expensive sometimes. So I just put the title that represent what kind of food that we’ve tried on this trip, which pretty much affordable with our budget. Please don’t judge my bad skill of foodie photography 😀

  1. Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a flat-rice fried noodle with sour and spicy sauce. There were choices of vegetable, chicken, beef, or seafood as mixed ingredient. You can find any restaurant or food vendor on the street that sells pad Thai. If you don’t like the sour and spicy sensation, please don’t eat it too much.

  1. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice

This one is a kind of dessert. It’s sweet. Really sweet. Mango, sticky rice, and vanilla sauce (I guess?), really make it too sweet for me. I suggest if you are not into sweet-tooth, just buy a small portion.

  1. Thai Milk Tea

You can find any milk tea vendor here at Phuket. We tried 2 kind of vendors, and all were good to taste. The price starts from THB 20.

  1. Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry

It’s Thailand unique curry but it’s not so spicy. We tried chicken massaman curry and there was pitta bread as side dish.

  1. Duck Noodle

Kitti Duck Noodle

It’s noodle with duck meat. We tried duck noodle at Kitti Duck Noodle where most of recommendation went there. And it was really good and cheap!

  1. Tom Yam Goong

Tom Yam Goong

It’s another sour and spicy of seafood soup. We choose white rice as a side dish (I’m proud of being Asian. Lol)

  1. Ice Cream Roll

Ice Cream Roll

We had ice cream roll when we walked at Patong Beach. The price was THB 100 for a cup. Told you, tourism area will cost you more.

  1. Satay


On our way to Rang Hill, we passed a food court that was already crowded by people in the morning at Phuket Old Town. There were many kind of cuisine choices, like dim sum and noodle, but we decided to buy satay for an easy take-away. Here you can buy white rice in a plastic too.

  1. Snacks at Kathu Market

At night, a local market near our hotel were so crowd that made us curious of course. Patong and Bangla also has a night market that sell food and souvenir, but we didn’t go there because, well, there was another market near our hotel (honestly it was because we almost run out of money on our last day). The price at Kathu local market was cheap. We had 3 kind of snacks and it even didn’t cost us THB 100 for total.

We bought mostly fried and floury snack.

  1. 7-11 Frozen Meal


It was really our budget safer. We didn’t get breakfast from hotel, but luckily there were several minimarts near our place. We knew for sure 7-11 had good choices of frozen food and better price. So this was one of our tricks to save money during travel.

So, it was all kind of culinary that we tried. What do you think? Did we miss any local food that we should try? Let us know!


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