Phuket Adventure Part 3

Our last day in Phuket! We rode to the north today. It was quite a long drive because our final destination was Ao Phang Nga View Point, the place where we could see the Phi Phi Island from above. We didn’t take a tour to James Bond nor Phi Phi Island because we didn’t have much time to spend all day in a boat (we couldn’t swim too).

So, here’s the list of the place we stopped by on our way to Ao Phang Nga View Point:

1. Sing View Point

Sing Poin View
Sing Viewpoint

Well, what could we say, another viewpoint.

2. Naithon Beach

Maybe because the most crowded tourist area was at Patong Beach, so other beach is nearly zero visitor although the beach was as clean as other beach.

Naithon Beach


We found another beach that located down from the road.

Another beach…


And another beautiful white sand beach with no visitor.

And another one…
Beautiful beach with no visitor

3. Sarasin Bridge

It took almost 2 hours to get here from our hotel at Kathu.

Sarasin bridge
Sarasin Bridge

But we didn’t make it to the building because it was too far to walk (pardon us).

4. Ao Phang Nga View Point

We found it hard (and far) to get here and we were afraid we were lost in the jungle.

Phuket on the road

We stopped by whenever we saw another beautiful view of Phi Phi Island.


Thank goodness we made it to Ao Phang Nga View Point. Unlike any other viewpoint in Phuket, here in Ao Phang Nga View Point, we had to pay for the entrance (THB 30/person) and to pay another extra for shuttle car (THB 60/person) to go to the top because the steep road was so bad, worse than Paradise Beach, even you couldn’t walk through it.

Ao phang nga view point ticketing
Ticket box

But well, the view was worthwhile.

Ao phang nga view point top

Ao phang nga view point

We were planning to go to Samet Nangshe Viewpoint after that, but we were too tired to ride there.

Overall, we were satisfied enough of Phuket! The beauty, the culture, its people, and food, all of it was never failed to surprise us 🙂

We’ll definitely back to explore another island in Thailand 🙂

Thank you for reading. See you on our next travel story!

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