Phuket Adventure Part 2

Our second day at Phuket! We were still as excited as our first day and we were fueled up to go around the island.

Here is the list of the places we visited on Day 2:

1. Bangward Dam

Yes, it was a dam. However, when we got up there in the morning, many people were jogging around or simply doing yoga. The place was quite peaceful. It was getting hotter by the day.

Bangward Dam
Bangward Dam

2. Rang Hill

If you like the city view, Rang Hill was the best place to enjoy it. We could see Phuket from up top here. Come here in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Rang Hill
Rang Hill
Rang Hill city view
Phuket City View Point

3. Sapan Hin

We went to find another beach. It looks like Sapan Hin was not a famous beach to spend the time. Only the locals here fishing.

Sapan Hin
Sapan Hin Beach

4. Panwa View Point

As we rode to the south, we found more viewpoints. Why Phuket has so many beautiful viewpoints? And top of that, it was free and clean!

Panwa view point
Panwa View Point

5. Kao Khad Views Tower

When we rode here, we didn’t continue as far as to the top of the tower. We saw the stairs, and we choose to walk away :D. We saw the photos on Google, it was pretty good tho.

KaoKhad Tower
Kao Khad Views Tower

6. Kao Khad View Point

Another viewpoint right beside the road. It was almost by noon when we arrived there. Please always bring your water to hydrate.

KaoKhad View Point
Kao Khad View Point

7. Big Buddha Statue

After lunch, we went to Big Buddha statue, the biggest Buddha statue in Phuket. The place was crowded by tourists. There was a staff at the entrance who will give a sarong to cover up the body if you wear such as tank top, crop top, short pants, mini skirt, or any kind of clothes that reveal shoulders, chest, belly or legs. THB 10 for each sarong.

Big Buddha
Big Buddha temple

Here also selling souvenirs and heart-shaped metals to write down anything you wish for.

Big Buddha 2
What do you wish for?

8. Paradise Beach

The southernmost area of Phuket, Paradise Beach. We were prohibited to get to the beach by motorcycle due to the steep road unless there was only one driver for one motorcycle. Thus, we had to take a shuttle car to the beach (it’s free!). Paradise beach, however, was a beach club with a white sandy beach and clear turquoise water. I wish I could swim.

Paradise beach
Paradise Beach Club
Paradise beach tuktuk
A Tuktuk to Paradise Beach

It was a sunny day in Phuket, but somehow it turned cloudy after 4 P.M. so we didn’t have any clear sunset view here 😥

The trip continues to Part 3!

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