Phuket Adventure Part 1

Nope, it’s not a tour package name. It’s a title that sum up our short but fun vacation in Phuket on May 27th-May 30th, 2019.

Phuket is another island that we want to explore using a motorbike. We saw the island as another Bali with the sunshine and beach view all around. We couldn’t help but felt adventurously excited to get around.

We departed from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali on May 27th using Jetstar Airlines to Changi Airport, Singapore. We stayed overnight at Changi Airport before our flight to Phuket International Airport the next day.

Once we got out of Phuket’s airport building, the sun was burning but the air was so refreshing (and we were sweating). We booked a taxi from the airport to go to our hotel. It cost THB 700 to go to Phuket Wake Park Apartment, Kathu. We got a pretty affordable price at Phuket Wake Park Apartment for 3 nights stay and the other reason why we choose this accommodation was that they offered motorbike rental and parking lot. It would be easier when all the facilities were all in, wouldn’t it?

After check-in at the hotel (Willy’s passport need to be on hold by the apartment’s owner for motorbike rental document), we started to ride to the south of the island. For your information, my dear fellow Indonesian readers, we can use our driver license (SIM C, or SIM A if you drive a car) here whenever we got checked by the traffic police. Just show it to them, and we’ll be safe on the road. 🙂

Here are the places we visited on our first day:

1. Wat Chalong

Since Phuket is a Buddhist majority country, it has many beautiful temples and of course, Buddha statues. Our first temple was Wat Chalong. The area was so full of tourists. When we arrived there, there were 2 buildings that opened up for the public. We couldn’t understand the sign on the entrance, so we didn’t get in the building. We could understand the symbol though, but since a temple was a sacred place, we didn’t want to get in and out freely without consideration of our clothes (we both were wearing short jeans). So, we just took pictures and leave. The buildings and statues were beautiful, and there was no entrance fee.

Wat Chalong 1
People praying at the temple
Wat Chalong 2
Lot of tourists…

Important notes: Mind to not wearing luxury shoes since you have to put it off and leave it outside when you get in the temple.

2. Promthep Cape

Next place was Promthep Cape. It was a hill with a beach viewpoint. (Later, we had a lot of viewpoints to stop by) Despite a magnificent beach view, there was also a place to pray at Promthep Cape although it wasn’t in a temple. There were many elephants statues here.

Promthep Cape 1
Promthep Cape viewpoint
Promthep Cape 2
Many elephant statues here…

3. Windmill View Point

From Promthep Cape, we went to another viewpoint, Windmill View Point. The name so because there was a windmill there. We stopped by to buy ice cream. Really, it was really hot.

Windmill Point View_
Windmill Viewpoint
Windmill view
The view at Windmill Viewpoint

4. Nai Harn Beach

Another white sand beach and a good place to have a sun tanning. We could still see the windmill from the shore.

Nai Harn beach
Nai Harn Beach

5. Nai Harn Lake

We stopped here to sit down and enjoy sound of nature. There was a jogging track alongside the lake.

Nai Harn lake
Nai Harn Lake

6. Karon View Point

Another viewpoint! I told you. But the view was never failed us. Karon View Point was crowded by tourists when we get there, but there was no entrance fee.

Karon view point
View from Karon Viewpoint

We appreciate Phuket tourism because there was no entrance fee for every tourist attraction (compared to any tourist or Instragamable places in Indonesia). Furthermore, the facility and cleanliness were both good. Thumbs up!

Continue our next adventure to Part 2!

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