Bandung’s Culinary: The One You Shouldn’t Missed

Bandung is the capital of West Java province, Indonesia. This city is also famous with the name of Parijs van Java during the Dutch colonial era because of its magnificence nature and building architecture. If you are going to visit Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, you should come to Bandung also to explore the culinary. You can go by train or by bus from Jakarta to Bandung. Visit this site for ticket information:,, or PT. Kereta Api Indonesia.

We had an enjoyable Christmas holiday at Bandung last year. We stayed at Jardin Apartment for a week and the apartment just near Cihampelas Walk shopping mall (one of the biggest malls in Bandung) where you can reach by walk. Well, we will not talk about the mall and many clothing shops alongside the mall at cheap prices. There’s one thing you should have never missed when you are in Bandung: FOOD.

Despite the bad traffic everywhere in the city because of the holiday season, we must say, Bandung has the best culinary taste compared to other cities in Indonesia. And not only one. But all of it. It will never let you down.

Here is the list of the culinary you should try:

Kindly mind if you have any allergies to nuts, milk, or gluten. 

Siomay, and Batagor

Siomay is a dumpling with fish meat filling, served with peanut sauce. Meanwhile, Batagor is BAso TAhu GOReng or fried tofu (tahu) and flour meatball (baso) in English, served with peanut sauce also. The tofu will be filled with fish or chicken meat inside.

Siomay Bandung (Google)
Siomay Bandung (Image source: Google)
Batagor Bandung (Google)
Batagor Bandung (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Siomay and Batagor originally come from Bandung. So you can find it everywhere here. The best Siomay and Batagor in Bandung that we know are Batagor Kingsley and Batagor Riri.

Kupat Tahu

Kupat means rice cake (literally only rice) wrapped in banana leaf and Tahu means tofu. Kupat tahu mostly served with peanut sauce and beansprout.

Kupat Tahu Bandung (Google)
Kupat Tahu Bandung (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Mostly found in street food vendors.

Bubur Ayam

Bubur means rice porridge and Ayam means chicken. Usually, it is served with shredded chicken, boiled chicken egg, fried peanut or soybeans, fried shallot, and soy sauce as the condiment. Some have quail eggs and chicken intestine for additional side dishes. Bubur ayam is a common breakfast menu in Indonesia, but we personally like it better at Bandung. We don’t know why. Lol. The taste is kind of different here.

bubur ayam bandung
Bubur Ayam Bandung (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Also in street food vendors. But most of it served in the morning so maybe you will find it hard after 9 or 10 A.M. We had bubur ayam as a breakfast near our apartment.

Wedang Ronde

Wedang ronde is a traditional Indonesia dishes. It consists of balls of rice flour and ginger water (the ginger is boiled in the water). Enjoy wedang ronde while it is hot.

Ronde Jahe
Wedang Ronde Jahe (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Street food vendors or traditional restaurant menu.

Perkedel Bondon

I have to mention the place specifically because this dish is one of a kind. Perkedel is like mashed potato with meat (mostly minced beef) but fried with flour. Perkedel Bondon is quite famous around foodie enthusiast. BUT, you have to know the condition before you buy.

Perkedel Bondon
In front of Perkedel Bondon
perkedel bondon
Perkedel Bondon (Image source: Google)

The place is located at Bandung’s Station Hall, Kebon Jati. It is opened 24 hours but the Perkedel only available at 11 P.M. During the day, the place served local cuisine like fried chicken and vegetables. Come to the place before 11 P.M. (around 10 o’clock) because you will have to take the queue number to order. Yes, a queue number. The earlier you come, the faster you’ll get your order. But, don’t worry, if you can’t make it to the restaurant, you can just order it online via Gojek or Grab (the most popular online food delivery app in Indonesia).

Lotek, and Pecel

Lotek and pecel are a different type of dish but basically has the same ingredient: Steamed vegetables with Indonesia traditional peanut sauce. Sometimes served with rice or wrapped rice cake.

lotek bandung
Lotek Bandung (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Lotek Alkateri is the best.

Nasi Campur Babi

Nasi=rice, campur=mixed, babi=pork. Nasi campur babi means mixed pork rice. It’s typically Chinese cuisine. I personally love it. There is a different type of pork in a plate: Grilled pork, fried pork, and fried pigskin. Sometimes there is a boiled egg also.

Nasi Campur Babi Cibadak
Nasi Campur Babi Cibadak

Where you can find it: Street vendors at Cibadak Street.

Bandrek and Bajigur

It’s another ginger based drink. Bandrek is made of ginger, brown sugar, cinnamon, and clove. Meanwhile, Bajigur is like Bandrek but milk or coconut milk added. Bandung is kind of windy and a little bit cold at night, so enjoy one of this drink after your night walk.

Bandrek Abah
Bandrek Abah

Where you can find it: Street food vendors or restaurant menu. Bandrek Abah at Ciwidey has the best taste.


Awug is a traditional sweet of Bandung, made of rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut. It shaped in a cone which will be cut piece by piece when you buy it. I have a sweet tooth which I couldn’t resist awug for myself.

awug bandung
Awug Bandung (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Traditional market. We found a nice taste Awug at Tegalega morning market.

Bola Ubi

Bola=ball, Ubi=sweet potato. Bola Ubi, as its name, is a sweet potato ball. But in Bandung, they fry it until the ball has a hollow inside, then they serve it as a snack.

bola ubi bandung
Bola Ubi Bandung (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Street food vendors.

Mie Ayam

Mie=noodles, Ayam=chicken. Mie ayam is a thin white flour noodle served with minced chicken and clear soup. Sometimes, it is served with fried or steamed wonton filled with minced chicken too. It is also famous from Bandung.

mie ayam bandung
Mie Ayam Bandung (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: There are many mie ayam restaurant in Bandung. We prefer Mie Ayam 123 at Jl. Emong No.4, Burangrang, Lengkong.

Es Duren

Es Duren or Durian Ice. If you don’t like durian, well… just try it once. It is not smelly as you think when it is in a form of ice cream. It’s refreshing during the day though.

es duren
Es Duren (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: There is one at Batagor Kingsley.

Kue Balok

Kue Balok is more look like a sponge cake in a small block shape. People enjoy eating it while it’s hot (some like it to be half-baked) and drink it with unsweetened hot tea.

Kue Balok
Kue Balok Soreang and how it made of

Where you can find it: The best Kue Balok I’ve ever tried is located at Soreang. It’s quite far from Bandung though. But it’s really delicious.

Traditional Sundanese Restaurant

You must visit Sundanese restaurant once so you can taste the real Bandung food. They have various options: Vegetables, chicken, beef, rice. Try empal (made of beef) and nasi timbel (made of white rice).

sundanese food
Sundanese Food (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: We suggest Sindang Reret, Cikole, Lembang for the best Sundanese restaurant.

Vegan Restaurant

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, there is a restaurant that has a full menu for vegan. Kehidupan Tidak Pernah Berakhir (or Never Ending Life in English) is a vegan restaurant with buffet system. The food is tasty and they guaranteed all menus are vegan based.

kehidupan resto
Buffet at Kehidupan Vegan Restaurant (Image source: Google)


Martabak is like a pancake but thicker with sweet toppings like chocolate, cheese, or peanut.

Martabak (Image source: Google)

Where you can find it: Many street food vendors sells martabak, but we like Martabak San Fransisco better.

Please keep in mind that most of Indonesia cuisine consists of white rice, flour, oil, and sugar. Most of the images are from Google site (with source note) due to the food was too tempting to be finished before the photo taken.

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