4D4N Family Visit at Malang, East Java


It’s been a long time since I posted something on my blog. I’m sorry 😦

Anyway, this time we had a short vacation to Malang, East Java, again. Last time, we only went to explore the museum and other tourism objects. Now, we were going to another location and probably we will share some of the delectable culinary of this city. For your information, because Malang is Willy’s hometown and his family is staying there, so our trip to Malang will always be a family visit 🙂

We traveled to Malang on November 17-21, 2018. We flight with NAM Air from Bali to Surabaya and with Sriwijaya Air from Surabaya back to Bali. There was a Public Holiday on November 20. So it was a perfect time to have a long weekend vacation.

DAY 1 | Saturday, November 17, 2018

We arrived at Surabaya at 4:45 PM. We took a travel agent’s car to go to Malang. One truly wise advice: Please take a bus instead. It took so long for us to wait for other passengers because of the different flight schedule. Although the bus might be not comfy, trust me, you don’t want to be stuck waiting and getting (really) late to your place. Well, of course, if you have more money, yes please, take a private car for yourself. We got to Malang at 10 PM because of the traffic jam and the travel’s car need to drop off other passengers before us.

DAY 2 | Sunday, November 18, 2018

Happy Sunday! We planned to go to Mt. Bromo, actually. But because of the raining season, I guessed, maybe next time. I don’t want to take a risk of cloudy and wet and muddy road.

So today, we only had a little culinary tour in the city. We had our breakfast at Niki Kopi Tiam that serves a yummy chicken rice porridge. But our stomach still couldn’t be satisfied by only a bowl of a chicken rice porridge. We continued to have our brunch at Pecel Winongo. Pecel is an Indonesia traditional vegetable salad with peanut sauce. Nowadays, people usually add quail eggs, meats, and some fritters into the plates, though. On our way home, we stopped by at Toko Oen. Toko Oen is famous for their ice cream and Dutch interior. Well, the ice cream is quite tasty (and expensive) and the place is always full of visitors (because it’s famous).

For dinner, we had Bakso Samut. Bakso is a flour meatball. You must try Bakso Samut when you are in Malang! It’s seriously savory. We then have our supper at KL Ekspress, Tidar. It’s a café to hang out with friends and there was a big screen to watch live match. They started the live music at 8 PM. Yep, it was a nice day to end your Sunday.

Side notes: We are not a foodie blogger so don’t expect we would take photos before we eat our meal 🙂

DAY 3 | Monday, November 19, 2018

We went to Sendiki Beach today. We had to drive early at 3 AM because we planned to see the sunrise. But alas, we missed it. We reached the beach at 6 AM and the sun already rose at 5 AM. Can you believe it?

The way to Sendiki Beach made you believe the phrase: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Because if you followed the map, you might found that the road is ended even before you reached the beach. And you wouldn’t believe it because you’d only see a rice field with only one way in. Like, “Is there any beach out there, behind the forest?” However, we didn’t give up. We continued to drive and, yeah, we made it! 

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Sendiki Beach has a campsite on the shore. The wave was calming and it’s perfect to camp. There were restaurants on the entrance, but it was still closed in the morning.

Sendiki Beach Price info:
Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000/person
Parking Fee: IDR 15,000/car
Toilet: IDR 2,000/person

Late Sunrise at Sendiki Beach
There is a swing 😀

We then drove to Balekambang Beach after we spent a couple of hours at Sendiki Beach. Balekambang Beach has a bridge from the shore to a Pura. Keep in mind that it was a long weekend plus a holiday, so every recreation spot will be crowded with tourists.

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Balekambang Beach Price info:
Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000/person
Parking Fee: IDR 16,000/car
Toilet: IDR 2,000/person

There was also another beach at another side of Balekambang Beach. But you have to pay again for the entrance ticket IDR 10,000/person.

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After time at the beach, we went to Bojana Puri restaurant for lunch. The place serves mostly Indonesia cuisine and it was all delicious. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor place. In case you were wondering what we ordered: Nasi Rawon, Soto Ayam, Tahu Tempe Penyet, Ayam Goreng, and Sambal Pencit. It was for 4 people.

It might be a raining season but Indonesia still has a lot of blessed with the sun. So after having a heavenly lunch, we had a cup of ice cream at Bli Puthu Home-Made Ice Cream to refresh our mind. Yes, Bli is a name for a brother in Bali so is the owner of the place. No wonder the taste of the ice cream reminds me of the gelato. It was yum!

We saw Bakpao Boldy, a legendary soft white bun in Malang, on our way home. Bakpao Boldy is sold in a motorcycle with a box in the back. We bought some as snacks with filling: Pork and chicken.

DAY 4 | Tuesday, November 20, 2018

We drove around the city today. We went to GL8, a cwie mie restaurant mostly serves Chinese cuisine. It was also savory. They sell packs of frozen food if you want to take it home.

At night we went to Paralayang, Batu. It was cold there but the view was stunning. You can see the city lights from the top.

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Paralayang Price Info:
Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000/person
Parking Fee: IDR 15,000/car

We had dinner at De Bamboo restaurant, a semi-outdoor restaurant mostly serves Indonesia cuisine also.

We planned to buy the milk at KUD and wanted to have a bowl of Ketan Legenda at Batu’s city center. But, gosh, it was so crowded and the queuing made us give up. Wise advice: Try to come in the afternoon.

Worry not, we still had our supper at some street vendor. We had Tahu Bumbu at Dieng Street. It was cheap and delicious.

DAY 5 | Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Our last day! We couldn’t have much time today because we were worried about the traffic jam again. Although our flight was at night but still, it’s better to be early than late, isn’t it?
We only had time for breakfast at Rawon Djenggot. Rawon is an authentic Javanese meat soup, served with white rice. Rawon Djenggot probably was the best rawon I’ve ever had. We then bought some snacks for our trip to Surabaya at Lai Lai Supermarket. Lai Lai Supermarket has a lot of choice of Indonesia traditional snacks.

We choose a train as our transportation back to Surabaya. It’s convenient, cheap and time saver.

It’s a wrap! Our short vacation story is ended. I will try to write more consistently again from now on. Thanks for reading.

Sampai jumpa!


One thought on “4D4N Family Visit at Malang, East Java

  1. Nice culinary…..my last time to Malang was on 1995…Sooo Looooong Time…Malang, please wait for me. Thanks for write about Malang, can be my trigger to go there…I will mention you if write something about Malang, absolutely after I go there…..


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