Unexpected Trip at Timor-Leste – Day 5

After going west and east, now it’s time to going south! That was our wish on our 5th day at Timor-Leste. BUT, unfortunately, we failed to make it. The reason was no other than the ROAD. Yes, that damaged road that we met yesterday on our way to Baucau, apparently still haunting our today’s trip. The first 15 minutes of our trip from Dili was looking nice and smooth, and everything looks like: “Yes, we definitely can make it to Maubisse and see the Saint Marie statue!” Five minutes passed and that smooth road slowly disappeared, then here came the bumpy road as always say: The bumpy road may lead you to the beautiful destination. Haha!

We started our trip from Dili to Maubisse at 9:00 A.M and we gave up on our beautiful destination after 30 KM passed. We were going up the hill which gave us a nice city view from above, and then we saw the mark of the landslide on the road every 2 KM. The 10 KM after that was a tense and suffering because my butt was still in a pain from yesterday adventure and this bumpy road seems to have no mercy to our trembling tiny city motorbike. So, we only could make it to Dare so far and determined to go back to Dili to have lunch before it was too late. Well, maybe next time when we plan to go to Maubisse, we will book a hotel and stay for a night to take a rest. Although it’s only about 75 KM, we bet the trip will be exhausting to go through.

To Dare
On our way to Dare

At 11 A.M. we already in Dili and was having lunch at Padang Restaurant. It was cheap for a big portion of white rice and beef rendang and the taste was good though.
Our itinerary was a little bit ruined today, thus we made a try to go to the museum. It was Arquivo & Museu da Resistência Timorense or Archives & Museum of East Timorese Resistance and the entrance ticket fee was only USD 1/person for tourist. We had expected to spend time at this museum until late afternoon because we thought it would be like our tour at Museum Angkut in Malang, East Java. On the contrary, the museum was small and it was a history museum which made us read a long history of the war of Timor Leste people in the past. Well, I didn’t mind at all to be in this type of museum, but Willy was boring without any doubt. Lol. Anyway, I was having a bad grade for History at school (despite the fact that I like reading, you have no idea how bad my short-term memory is), therefore, being in the history museum makes me feel excited (because I have no clue about history; that’s the point).

Arquivo Museu da Resistencia Timorense
At the entrance of the museum

We were prohibited to take a picture while being inside the museum. So I can only tell you this: This museum is a must visit when you are at Dili, especially if you are Indonesian. You will know the reason why this country looks so poor but they are bravely fought for their freedom to break away from Indonesia. As an Indonesian, we can’t help but feel ashamed. But yeah, it is all in the past. We move on.

Finished at the museum, we were going to Timor Plaza, the only mall at Dili, in order to have a nice time shopping. But what we can do as a backpack traveler was just seeing around. Actually, I was intended to buy a souvenir, but a mall is a mall, not a gift shop, I guess. In the end, we bought a glass of milkshake to satisfy our thirst because of heat. The milkshake from Shakeaway was just soooo good.

This milkshake was good!

At 5 P.M. we went to Cast Away Bar to enjoy the sunset. It was a pleasant place to hang out and they had 50% discount for the cocktail from 5 P.M. – 7 P.M. We will be leaving tomorrow, why not go on the spree?

Ave Portugal Castaway
Sunset at Av. de Portugal

Our 5th day at Timor Leste was out of our plan, but it turned out well. The bumpy road, the museum, and the milkshake were considered as a surprise for us. We don’t hate it at all. It’s just making us want to come back again with a better plan. Until we make sure the road has been fixed, we have no hesitation to visit Timor Leste again.

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