A Road to Baucau, Timor Leste – Day 3

Timor Leste was too small if you just stayed at Dili. There is another city that mentioned as the second largest city in Timor Leste called Baucau. So we decided to have a road trip to this city with our motorbike and had expected another magical beach view and Portuguese touch in every corner of the city. After checking on the map, it was saying that it took 120 KM from Dili to Baucau, as same as Denpasar to Gilimanuk harbor, which we would dare to say not a problem AT ALL. Like… yeah, we only need 2-3 hours on the road, right? We thought.

To Baucau
Before leaving Dili

In reality, the road was in a very bad condition. VERY BAD if you just ride on a tiny city motorbike and the road was fully rocks and sands, and vehicles are buses, trucks, and 4WD sports cars. We need a dust mask.

Road Timor Leste
Road to Baucau

However, despite the bumpy road that leads us to our destination, we were satisfied with the view.

Somewhere Timor
What a view…

The temperature at Timor Leste was quite high, so you need sun lotion for outdoor activity. Asian like me, need it a lot.

Hera Beach
Hera Beach

On our way to Baucau, our first stop was Hera Beach. This beach had no visitor in the afternoon. I guess people here are used to a beach, it made them bored. No bar, no café, no restaurant, even no minimart. Help yourself to bring 2 bottles of water at minimum or snacks in case of emergency. You will hard to find a village here.

Heroes Monument
National Heroes Memorial

By that time, our only guide was Google Map, because there was no road sign at all. We saw “National Heroes Memorial” on the map which turned out to be a cemetery for national heroes. Well, I thought it will be like a museum… We only took a picture from afar and not going closer because there were no officers that can be asked about this place.

One Dollar Beach
One Dollar Beach

So we continued our trip to One Dollar Beach. The name is One Dollar because you have to pay one dollar as a parking fee to visit this beach. In fact, we reluctant to enter this beach because there was no restaurant or food stall opened. I mean, it was literally nobody’s there. The beach view was nice actually.

Entered Manetuto Village

We started our trip around 9 A.M. and with 120 KM far, we supposed to reach Baucau at 12 P.M. or an hour late because we stopped here and there to take pictures. BUT, the road damaged so hard, we could only drive at a very low speed for cry out loud. At 12 P.M. we just reached half of our destination and found this small village called Manetuto. We saw a banner with food pictures and stopped immediately to have lunch. We couldn’t make a choice, a plate of white rice and fried chicken is enough. A big portion and cheap price is a bonus.

De Baucau
De Baucau Statue

Finally, after a long wait for smooth road, we arrived at Baucau at 4 P.M. and happily saw this statue! As a navigator, I kept looking on the map, and I wished we could jump into Baucau just in a second! I was so frustrated: “Where are we? Still at Vemasse? Bucoli? Not yet. Aaarggh…”

We checked in at Pousada de Baucau Hotel for the stay, a very nice hotel and to be honest, still traditionally serve us with manual key and receipt. We love the atmosphere though. After washed out the dust and our face with fresh water, we went to have some early dinner. This trip was really exhausting.

Again, we saw on the map there is a beach named Uatabo Beach in Baucau that made us want to go there. So after enjoyed our meal at Victoria Restaurant (Chicken curry was delicious!), we went to Uatabo Beach with Google Map guidance. We were not sure of course, because there was no road sign.

Anyway, glad we made it before the sun sets.

Baucau Beach

Still, with the damaged and bumpy road, we finally found this beach.

Baucau Beach 3

On the map, you will see “Pantai Rekreasi Uatabo” which means beach for recreation, Uatabo. It was true because, on our way, we saw a group of people was having a picnic at the shore.

Baucau Beach 2

We went back to our hotel before dark and found out that Baucau is just a small city with not much entertainment at night. I decided to go back to the hotel because I finally felt tired. This trip is beyond our imagination.

Somehow, we were not upset because it wasn’t as good as we expected. This is what I thought the meaning of a journey: Stick together till we reached the destination.

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