Bon Dia, Dili! – Day 2

For our stay at Dili, although we booked the apartment exclude breakfast, we had no worries because we were all well prepared for this situation. Indomie is the savior. Lol. We brought instant noodles with us from Indonesia, in case we couldn’t find any restaurant…. or just because we were on budget. We had full kitchen set in the apartment like refrigerator, gas stove, microwave, utensils, and sink, so why not we cook?

Unlike a city street in general, we were having a hard time to find a street vendor here that serve three times meal. I don’t know, maybe we missed it. We only saw gorengan (fritters) stall, and any other local restaurant wasn’t ready at 9 in the morning. So yeah, an instant noodle really saved our day.

Today our trip was to the beach and any other attractions on the west side of Timor Leste.

Timor Leste 1
On the road

Because we were on the road, our stomach condition was the most important of all. We’d seen a limited amount of restaurant and café in the city, so to be honest, we were a little bit afraid of this journey-to-west trip. On our way, we saw only instant cup noodle that sold in front of the house… like no, I would definitely NOT have instant noodle again for my lunch. So we searched on the map for the near café and restaurant that located on the west side. Thanks to Telkomsel roaming data package, we found this Black Rock Restaurant at Liquica.

Black Rock Cafe
View from Black Rock

Despite the fact that we found this restaurant hard because there was no any road sign to this place, we love this restaurant anyway. The black sand and blue water… it was just perfect for our lunch on the road. I ordered tamarind chicken, which was good, and Willy ordered chicken fried rice, which was… I told you the portion was insanely big. Ice coffee for him and orange juice for me is enough. The sound of the wave made us hard to leave.

After fully loaded, our next stop was Maubara. The right side on our way was no other than beach. It is advisable to bring your sunscreen lotion because of the sun burn possibility. Road on Timor Leste rarely had trees at the side and the sun light has no mercy.

We stopped at Tibalau beach. There was a road sign of this beach which of course, attracted us easier. Although at first we couldn’t find the way down to beach, thanks to Bahasa, the local people guided us to the hidden path way down.

Tibalau Beach down
Way down to Tibalau Beach

Seriously, there was no tourist here. We even couldn’t believe this beach was a tourist attraction, because only people that lived at the beach WERE on the beach. With their dogs, and goats, and pigs. The view was nice though.

Tibalau Beach
Tibalau Beach

If only there was a coconut water corner… but poor me, all I could have was a bottle of water. Oh, they had souvenirs too.

Souvenirs Timor Leste
Souvenirs from Timor Leste

Our most west trip was this Tibalau Beach. We went off back to Dili, but before that, we took some pictures of course.

To our curious, we saw a few sign board of this while on the road. We had no idea what it means, but seeing the crocodile pictures behind made me worry.

Front of the lake
The sign near Maubara Salt Lake

We saw Maubara Salt Lake road sign before, and then tried to enter the bamboo fenced area based on the arrow, but we hesitated in a second because of that Crocodile Aviso sign. Aviso in Portuguese means notice, risko ataques means risky attacks. We didn’t know whether it’s true or not about the crocodile, because no people really warned us when we tried to go near the lake. In the end, we couldn’t enter the lake because the bamboo gate was locked. And no one’s there. NO ONE but both of us.

So, we continued our trip and visited Old Ai Pelo Prison or Prisao Do Ai Pelo in Liquica. The condition was same: No visitors, no officers, and locked.

Old Ai Pelo Prison

We still had time to explore, so we tried another lake called Tasitolu Lake, which had confused us on the map. Yes, this lake’s location on the map is not accurate that made us three times went back and forth to find a way. Regardless we found the lake.

Tasitolu Lake

We guessed because it was on dry season, so the lake becomes ‘a little’. Ducks and crane are swimming on this lake, gave us at least the lake view.

Not far from Tasitolu Lake, there was a road sign of Joao Paulo II. Again, we just followed the sign of the road and we went up to… the hill. We really had no idea, almost gave up if it took us longer than 10 minutes. But apparently, it only 5 minutes drive to Pope John Paul II state. And more importantly, the view as awesome!

Sao Paulo above
View from the hill


Sao Paulo
From another side of Joao Paulo hill

Mostly citizens around were using the stairs up to this statue for afternoon exercise. No wonder they need a big portion of white rice.

Finally we went back to Dili for having dinner and went to a supermarket for bought our late night snacks stocks. We had dinner at Avenida Portugal street, which had most of the restaurants displayed on the map.

Ave Portugal Timor Leste
Park your bike for free!

Sunset at Avenida Portugal beach shore was astonished. People enjoyed the best sunset view while jogging or playing football at the beach. How lucky.

Ave Portugal
Sunset and jogging

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