Why I Love Traveling (Him)

It’s because the city was full of buildings and traffics everywhere that I decided to go out of town, to the place that only nature speaks with clean and fresh air. I went to college that located at the second largest city in Indonesia, so you can tell the city were full of malls and office buildings, and most importantly the weather was so hot that made me want to escape as far as I can.

My motorbike is my best friend. I don’t remember since when I forgot the pain in my ass while driving over 8 hours nonstop.

My best travel memory is when I had to farm at Dieng Plateau, Central Java. Dieng Plateau is a marshy plateau that forms the floor of a caldera complex on the Dieng Volcanic Complex near Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. That place was so peaceful and quiet and I think I could stay and blend with the nature as long as I want.

When I was still in college, I also travel to Bali and Lombok sometimes, because those are the nearest island from Java. I traveled with friends or just by myself. With a purpose or just wandering around without destination.

Malibu Hill Lombok
Malibu Hill, Lombok
Potobatu Beach
Sunset at Potobatu Beach
Kanawa Island
Kanawa Island, Sumbawa
Road to Sumbawa
Road to Sumbawa

My longest road trip with my bike was from Surabaya, East Java to Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. It was so damn long that made me didn’t want to go back to Surabaya. However, the trip was worth by the times I spent on ferry. I was still a college student by that time so mostly (and obviously) I didn’t sleep at hotel; instead I spent my night at mosque or at ferry if I sailed at night schedule.

View from Labuan Bajo

Another beautiful picture from the place I’d been visit is from Bangka-Belitung, Sumatra.

Kaolin Lake, Belitung
Lengkuas Island Belitung
Lengkuas Island, Belitung
Sunrise Kaolin Lake
Sunrise at Kaolin Lake
Sunset at Matras Beach
Sunset at Matras Beach

Since 2013 I moved to Bali because of my job. It such a blessing because I really love Bali the most, out of any other city in Indonesia.

All of my pictures were taken with my smart phone camera. I believe the best camera products only made by SONY. I’m not in a rush to buy a DSLR camera though.

Oh anyway, I’m sorry I couldn’t add my old pictures here because I lost it on my old computer. And also, all pictures here is not edited, so enjoy the true color from my phone.

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