Why I Love Traveling (Her)

I’m not sure since when I have this feeling of “I don’t know exactly what place is that and I don’t care how to get there, I just want to be there”. This feeling truly isn’t something I was born with.

Let me tell you a story of a nerd and introvert girl that feel no place like home.

I came from a small city that has slow infrastructure development with same-shit-different-day feeling. I even didn’t know the name of traveling before. I have no interest to explore my city because in my eyes, it was all the same: JUNGLE everywhere. Although it was a jungle, nevertheless I was raised very well in my home. No wonder I was having terribly fear with bugs, like ants, bees, and spiders. And most of all, I have motion sickness problem with cars since… I could remember things. Suck, isn’t it?

Anyway, after having my first job and stabilized monthly income, I realized that my world is not only here. That my saving wasn’t meant to be spent over food and gadgets. It was all meaningless compared to something as big as the world.

So I took this big step, I left my hometown, and went to another big city that I’ve never been. I was feeling free at that time. But my traveling story hasn’t started yet because I haven’t found the perfect partner to travel with. I just went to the tourist attractions for recreation, such as a zoo, a garden, and the nearest beach that was not attracted AT ALL. But I enjoyed exploring the city though. The city and its people were already interesting for me.

Deer at the garden
Inside a train station

Time passed, I felt enough with this big city. That same-shit-different-day feeling came again. Long story short, I decided to move to Bali. I was thinking about my hospitality carrier at first. Then God showed me the answer of my future partner. My partner gave me this feeling of freedom. It’s like I don’t care even I got lost wherever I’m with him. Well, I think that feeling was the trigger for my travel history.


The most important thing is I don’t travel for having cool feeds on Instagram, I travel for life learning and exploring. I don’t write on blogs for money, I write for healing my depression. Those are enough. What about you guys?

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