Nusa Penida Island – Day 2

Good morning! It is our second day at Nusa Penida. We were a little bit late for sunrise though.

Late Sunrise
Late sunrise from our hotel

After having our breakfast, we directly went to the west side of the island. Check out this map.


  1. Goa Giri Putri is a place for Hindu ceremony so we couldn’t enter because there was a ceremony all day when we came.
  2. Traditional Weaving. We have no idea for that place so we didn’t visit.
  3. Atuh Beach. We visited this beach after Suwehan Beach.
  4. Suwehan Beach. We visited this beach first because it was the farthest beach on the east. Read our previous story for details.
  5. Manta Point is the place if you want to dive. We don’t dive.
  6. Peguyangan Waterfall, and
  7. Tembeling Waterfall just out of our reach, so we didn’t visit those places.
  8. Banah Beach was a little bit too far and out of our track, so we didn’t visit this beach.
  9. Seganing Waterfall is the same with other waterfall.
  10. Pura (Temple) Gunung Cemeng, and
  11. Mechanic/Pura Car Temple was not visited by us because it looks like a ceremony week for Hindu, so we avoid temples.
  12. Karang Dawa or Kelingking Beach. Read our story below.
  13. Pura Pucuk Mundi is the highest point of Nusa Penida, but we couldn’t make it there in one day trip.
  14. Uug Beach/Pasih Beach/Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong. Read our story below.
  15. Crystal Bay/Penida Beach. Read our story below.
  16. Gamat Bay entrance was next to Crystal Bay/Penida Beach, but the road was worse than Crystal Bay so we skipped this beach.

We thought the road to the beach will be much better because the west side of Nusa Penida was rather touristy. But again, we were facing the same road, even worse of the worst from our yesterday experience. Well, not all the road. At some point the road was made from asphalt that so smooth, but at another point, the road was made from just rocks and sands.

Nusa Penida Off Road 2
This is a road
Nusa Penida Off Road
You need not to wear a helmet here

Our first destination was Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong. We arrived around 11 A.M. (it was so hot) and the tide was high. Therefore we couldn’t take mirror pictures on the water at Angel’s Billabong. We guessed we have to come in the early morning or around 5 or 6 P.M. when it is low tide.

Angels Bilabong
Angel’s Billabong
Angels Bilabong 2
Angel’s Billabong: You can go down there if the tide is low
Broken Beach
Broken Beach

Broken Beach 2

After spent money on a bottle of soft drink, we went ahead to Kelingking Beach. By that time, on our mind was the road must be bad and we would face another shaky road. So, before we reached Kelingking Beach, we decided to have lunch at Sebulun restaurant. The restaurant was new but the menu was not disappointed us. It also has amazing hills view.

Anyway, the road to Kelingking Beach was clearly smooth! And there were many restaurants there! Haha.

At Kelingking Beach, you can see a group of mantas are swimming on the beach. Kelingking Beach also has thousand stairs below to reach the shore. However, this place was full of tourists, so you have to seize your spot from others to take pictures.

Kelingking Beach
The iconic cliff of Kelingking Beach

From Kelingking Beach, we intended to go to Tembeling Waterfall. But somehow while following the map, we got lost because the road seems endless. So we turned back, and just went directly to Crystal Bay.

Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay

We saw many people (mostly Westerners) who had sunbathing at Crystal Bay. This beach is the nearest tourist beach, and the access to the beach was easy. You can swim safely and happily, nevertheless never expect a fancy cafés or bars here.

On our way back to the hotel, we came to Penida Colada Lounge Bar, just a perfect place to chill. This café has a nice beach view and they use less plastic for the utensils. They also have campaign: free a cup of coffee for a bag of trash that collected on the beach near their café. No wonder the beach was so clean. You can rent a goggle for snorkeling here too.

Penida Colada
Chill and relax at Penida Colada Lounge Bar
Penida Colada Cafe
There was a group of divers there

Our holiday ended on the next day. We woke up so early to catch a sunrise, but it was cloudy (whyyyy???). We gave back the motorcycle at the harbor (actually, we just left it that way at the parking area), we used Maruti Fast Boat again, the sun shone brightly, and the wave was calmingly returning us to Sanur Harbor. Willy’s muscle arms were stiff badly, and I had this pain in the ass (literally). Our skin was getting tanned and became darker until now.

Sunrise last day

See you on another trip!

Last day maruti
Maruti Fast Boat, take us back!

P.S. Our next trip hint: Christo Rei.

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