Nusa Penida Island – Day 1

Do you like to snorkel, dive, or swim with mantas? Do you like to chill, sunbathe, or doing a cliff jumps at the beach? Do you like to go through an adventurous and thrilling road with a scooter? Welcome to Nusa Penida Island!

Nusa Penida is an island southeast of Bali and district of Klungkung regency that includes the neighboring small island of Nusa Lembongan. The interior of Nusa Penida is hilly with a maximum altitude of 524 meters. It is drier than the nearby island of Bali. There is very little tourist infrastructure. (Source: Wikipedia)

So, it was an Eid Mubarak celebration on June 15-16, 2018 that made us had 3 days off from work. We decided to spend our holiday at Nusa Penida Island since it had been our bucket list from this post. This is our first trip to Nusa Penida.

We were leaving from Sanur Harbor at 10 o’clock in the morning with Maruti Fast Boat. It supposed to be 09:00 A.M. based on the schedule, but the wind was strong and it was a high tide, so we guessed we had to wait a little bit longer. We arrived safely at Nusa Penida an hour after anyway. The return ticket price from Sanur Harbor to Nusa Penida is IDR 150,000/person for locals. You can book another expensive and luxury fast boat if you are not on the budget.

As you guys know, we are a backpacker and budget travelers so you might be correctly guess that we were not using a travel agent service here, and we were renting a motorcycle instead of a car and its driver to explore the island. We stayed at Dewi Home Stay with IDR 469,000 for 2 nights (thanks to, and we rented a motorbike for IDR 70,000/days exclude gasoline.

A quick review for Dewi Home Stay: Seriously, we had no idea when the owner of the home stay offered us another room at another building. The building was still on progress to be a villa, but some of the room was ready to be occupied. We had trouble with the water on our first night and ants on our second night. The view from the terrace was great though. We also got a breakfast with options: Fried rice/pancake/fruits and coffee/tea which delivered to our room every morning. Not bad.

On our first day, right after we arrived at Nusa Penida, we directly called the motorcycle renter and used the motorcycle to go to our home stay from the harbor. On our way, we passed by a small warung to have lunch (with rice on the menu, of course). After checked in, we went to the east side of Nusa Penida Island.

What’s on the east side of Nusa Penida? Check out this map.


Our first destination to shoot was the hills at Tanglad Village. We’ve seen this beautiful green hill on Instagram, but it apparently was not our lucky day. It was dry season so the green hill turned into yellowish brown. The grass and leaves were dried everywhere!

Desa Tanglad
Hill at Tanglad Village
Jalan Desa Tanglad
The road before went to Suwehan Beach

After stopped and took pictures of the hill, we continued our way to Suwehan Beach. On our way to the beach, we extremely got surprised by the road. No kidding. When we thought it was the worst road to pass, the nature showed us another worse road ahead. Trust me. We were truly overwhelmed to cross these bumpy and rocky roads with a motorcycle that designed for a city tour. We surely got extra nervous here. After half an hour trembling on our seat, we arrived at Suwehan Beach, and surprisingly the beach was a thousand meters down below with thousand… stairs! No, thank you. We still had another upcoming agenda, so here are the photos.

Suwehan Beach
Here is the way down to the beach
Pantai Suwehan Beach
Just look from the top
Pantai Suwehan
The water was so clear though

There was no entrance fee to Suwehan Beach.

Next to Suwehan Beach, there was Atuh Beach at the east of Nusa Penida. The road was still thrilling, but thanks God there were no stairs! Well, there was stairs to the beach down below, but still not finished yet.

Pantai Atuh
Atuh Beach

Entrance fee to Atuh Beach is IDR 5,000/motorcycle, and IDR 5,000/person. It was the most expensive entrance fee to the beach at Nusa Penida, but it was worth the facility. Besides, Atuh Beach already became a private property, no wonder.

It was already 4 o’clock when we went back to our hotel after visiting Atuh Beach. We were on our way to look for a bar to enjoy the sunset until we stopped at the harbor. It was Ketampi Beach that usually use as a dock for fisherman ship, and we saw the lovely sunset view here for free.

Ketampi Beach
Sunset at Ketampi Beach

That is our first day travel story. A steep and bumpy road is the highlight!

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