IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge

Get a happiness instead of get a job, for your better life.

I was being told by my parents since high school that I have to get a proper job for money. So I was looking for a job that offers salary, but never cares about my real passion. Now that I realized it, over eight years of working (mostly overtime without being paid) as a company slave, I had left my happiness behind. My happiness for typing in words and stories, my happiness to travel wherever I want. I even didn’t know what I’ve done all these years other than think about the fucking reports I’ve must submit on monthly basis. Like… damn, I had missed a lot of new things to explore! I just woke up to work, then sleep, then woke up to go to work again. Hell.

Now if I have to see something from my new perspective, I might think that getting a proper job is still for money, but my happiness should not be exchanged with the stack of reports. I’m still working in a company but I choose a job that has a real 9 to 5 work time schedule, not a 9 to 9 or a 9 to 12 (I seriously ever work until 12 A.M. since 9 o’clock in the morning, and it was really pain in the ass because I even didn’t get paid for the overtime).

Maybe some of you are feeling comfortable with your office job now, and you would say that you are happy as it is. But for me, it’s enough. I stop pursuing what those called “carrier level management”, or for me “slavery levels”, and focusing on what I love more.

Well, remember that money can’t buy you happiness, so I prefer to work sufficiently, travel frequently and write regularly.


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