IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge

CNN News

Which are the world’s friendliest and unfriendliest cities?

The United States, land of freedom and opportunity, is also the land of scowling faces and folded arms, according to a new poll.

Travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler has unveiled the results of its annual readers’ choice survey.

More than 46,000 readers gave their opinions last year on everything from favorite airlines to best hotels and friendliest and unfriendliest cities.

It’s the latter category that might cause the most surprises, with U.S. cities dominating the “unfriendly” list.

Newark, New Jersey, is the unfriendliest city in the world according to the survey.

“Newark is best known for being the site of an airport near New York, and for many of our readers, that’s the only reason to stop there,” says Conde Nast Traveler.

In total, five U.S. cities were voted into the top 10 unfriendly cities list and eight made the top 20.

Oakland, California (third), “has an image problem and a split personality” according to a reader who answered the survey.

New Haven, Connecticut (seventh), home of Yale University, is the city of “rude, unfriendly folks;” Detroit (eighth) was called the “armpit of the world” by one reader and Atlantic City, New Jersey (ninth), was dismissed as a “pale shadow of Las Vegas.”

Other cities in the list include Islamabad in Pakistan (second least friendly), Luanda in Angola (fourth), Kuwait City (fifth) Lome in Togo (sixth) and Tangier in Morocco (tenth).

What do you think? Tell us about your own friendly or unfriendly travel experiences in the comments section below.

Conde Nast Traveler stresses that its rankings are inspired by factors including location, political perception, size and language barriers, and don’t necessarily correspond to rude behavior of locals.

But enough badmouthing.

The survey also announces the friendliest cities in the world.

Florianopolis, the island city in Brazil, is the world’s friendliest city according to the poll.

Hobart in Tasmania followed in second place and Thimpu in Bhutan wrapped up the top three.

One U.S. city made it into the top 10 friendliest cities — Charleston, South Carolina.

Standing fifth in the global list, Charleston was also voted the friendliest city in the United States in a previous poll.

The world’s unfriendliest cities

20 Caracas, Venezuela

19 Bethlehem, Palestine

18 Casablanca, Morocco

17 Wilmington, Delaware

16 Moscow

15 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

14 Shenzhen, China

13 Albany, New York

12 Los Angeles

11 Guangzhou, China

10 Tangier, Morocco

9 Atlantic City, New Jersey

8 Detroit

7 New Haven, Connecticut

6 Lome, Togo

5 Kuwait City

4 Luanda, Angola

3 Oakland, California

2 Islamabad, Pakistan

1 Newark, New Jersey

The world’s friendliest cities

20 Cork, Ireland

20 Asheville, North Carolina

18 Edinburgh, Scotland

16 Savannah, Georgia

16 Auckland, New Zealand

14 Victoria, British Columbia

14 Galena, Illinois

13 Dublin, Ireland

12 Christchurch, New Zealand

11 Chiang Mai, Thailand

9 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

9 Kilkenny, Ireland

8 Mandalay, Myanmar

6 Margaret River, Australia

6 Paro, Bhutan

5 Charleston, South Carolina

4 Queenstown, New Zealand

3 Thimpu, Bhutan

2 Hobart, Tasmania

1 Florianopolis, Brazil

So, based on the article, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia is on the 9th position out of 20 for friendliest cities. Yeay!

I will not tell a lie but, except for littering matter, Indonesia IS a friendly country. Perhaps because of the sunny weather every year that makes Indonesia people always put a smile on their face. Some people even have this habit on the street while greeting someone: Smiling with a nod. They even smile for someone they don’t know! Me? Of course, I did that too! Haha.

Especially Bali, I never heard any riot issue in here. The last issue that I heard was between local and online taxi driver. But they have a reason though: Online taxi is decreasing the local taxi’s income. Good to know that this issue didn’t make other citizens worried.

This island also never had a religion issue. Compare to another city in Indonesia that has strict rules for alcohol, halal and non-halal food, and sexy dresses on the road, in Bali you can break all of it. Unless you want to enter Hindu temple, you have to cover your upper and lower body properly to respect the holy ceremony.

Ubud is really a nice place to find a peace. There is no bar with loud music, yoga healing center is everywhere, spa and massage, and of course good restaurant.

How about your country? Do you think it is friendly or unfriendly?


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