IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge

IBMC 02 Freeze a Foto

You know, it was hard to find a beach in Bali that makes any international tourist not to complain. For example, the beach in Bali was nice but the water wasn’t as clear as in Maldives. Or the beach at Kuta had nice sunset view but people and trashes are everywhere. Or, for the most extreme, the beach was really nice but why we had to pay every times we want to get in? I mean, it’s BEACH. People didn’t make a beach, nature did. So why would we have to pay to some strangers, that we don’t know who they are and what are they doing, to enjoy a beach?

Okay, okay. For the last examples, I will try to answer it as clear as I could.

In Indonesia, honestly speaking, 80-90% of its citizens CANNOT do a right littering and keep the nature clean. Don’t be surprised if you get yelled back just because you kindly remind a mother who was telling her child to litter everywhere they want. It was nonsense, but that’s the truth. It might be different at another city of Indonesia, but keep in mind that you may be facing the unexpected condition as bad as I mentioned. So, to keep our beautiful nature from the dirty domestic tourists, we need to provide at least a trash can. A trash can need money. You’d say trash cans are provided by the government? Yes, it is. Once. Another new trash cans maybe will be provided in 10-15 years later, while the vandalism act already happened since the first week of a trash can is located. Did I make it clear to you?

The entrance fee for beach, waterfall, even the rice fields attraction, is for the locals who maintain the facility of the nature itself. Trash cans, stairs and bridges, toilets, and parking area are not for free. You know Bali has tourists everywhere. Social media is updating every times. And the nature can be ruined by human anytime and anywhere. Please, consider your IDR 10,000 (or $1) as a donation to support our local. Because Hindu people usually use the beach and waterfall for ceremony too.

Oh by the way, the photo is Virgin Beach. When we came to this beach last year, it was free entrance. But recently they got fee for parking as IDR 5,000/bike, and fee for entrance as IDR 10,000/person. We got no words to say. Bye!


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