Someday at Padang-Padang Beach Bali


Do you like to listen to Michael Learns to Rock’s songs? There is a video of their music that taken at the beach in Bali. Yes, their song titled ‘Someday’ was taken at Padang-Padang Beach, Bali, Indonesia in 1995.

By that time, Padang-Padang Beach was totally a hidden beach for tourist and only use for fishing dock and Hindu ceremony. After MLTR music video, Padang-Padang Beach becomes famous. It was even become more famous when Julia Roberts’s film Eat Pray Love also taken a scene at this beach. No wonder when we came to Padang-Padang Beach, there were about 80% foreigner and 20% locals.

Entrance ticket fee for Padang-Padang Beach is IDR 10,000/person for locals and IDR 20,000/person for foreigner. Parking fee is IDR 1,000/motorbike.

PadangPadang Beach
Sunset at Padang-Padang Beach

While we were coming to shoot sunset scenery, we saw that the Westerners already came before us for sunbathing (which was a rare activity for Indonesian). There were also surfers because Padang-Padang Beach is known for surfing spot.

PadangPadang Beach Surf

After the sun set, we went back to parking area. But before that, we were having a ‘light’ meal for dinner. It was lumpia and pork satay. We forgot to take a picture of lumpia, but here is the photo of pork satay.

Sate Babi
Marinated pork satay

Mostly at Bali’s beach, lumpia, pork satay, and grilled corn are the common snacks that you can buy under IDR 15,000. It was hard to resist because it smells good. We didn’t buy it every times we came to the beach though, because we are locals and we almost bored with those snacks. But as a tourist, especially foreigner, just try to buy it once.

Happy travelling!



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