Road Trip in Bali

Once upon a time, we planned to go to Kintamani, our favorite place to chill in Bali, but we wanted it different from our usual route. Normally if you want to go to Kintamani, the route is: Denpasar-Ubud-Tegalalang-Kintamani. But this time we will take: Denpasar-Mambal-Petang-Plaga-Kintamani. It was a long route, huh? Well, let’s see what we will meet on our way.

We saw rice field!

Somewhere at Plaga , we stopped to take pictures of rice field that lies along the side of the road.



For this road trip, although it was really a hot sunny weather, we were still wearing a jacket because we have to protect our skin from sunburn. We are Asian, after all.

We saw Nungnung Waterfall sign

Waterfall must be a nice refreshing on this hot weather of Bali. But what will you do if you have to go down the stairs like, a thousand of stairs, to reach your destination? That was what happened to our way to Nungnung Waterfall. We never expect that the stairs will be a long way down there. We only had planned to go to Kintamani, never intend to go to a waterfall that has to be down as far as… I don’t know. We never made it to go there. We thought about our way back later if we were still trying to reach the waterfall. It must be exhausting. VERY exhausting. So we only took pictures of the stairs.

We gave up! 😀

To go to Nungnung waterfall, you have to pay entrance ticket as IDR 10,000/person.

We were passing through the longest bridge in Bali and the highest bridge in Asia!

The name is Tukad Bangkung Bridge, with 360 meter length and 9.6 meter width; pillar height is 71.14 meter and pile foundation is 41 meter deep. This bridge is connecting 3 districts in Bali: Badung, Bangli dan Buleleng.


We only could take picture from this side. If you want to take picture from the better side, you have to come in a restaurant that located right down the end of the bridge. Didn’t want to eat? You still have to pay for taking pictures only, like they are the owner of the bridge.

This was taken from the bridge

We saw a beautiful marigold garden

The best part of it, it was for FREE! There was no entrance ticket, and we can take pictures till our heart content.


We didn’t know whose garden it was, but thank you for let us enjoy the beauty of this garden freely.

Finally, we arrived at Kintamani

But it was raining. So heavy. So we only had our lunch at Resto Apung and wait until the rain stopped, which is still not stopping until 2 hours later.

It was raining

Did you wonder why we have to wait? It was because we didn’t bring two raincoats with us. We only have one, which is not fair if only Willy or me that wear it. Lol. Don’t worry, right after we left Kintamani, it was really bright and sunny.

So, if you have any spare time during your holiday in Bali, why not try a road trip with a bike? It will be fun. If you get lost, you will be still in Bali anyway.

Happy traveling!



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