Our Travel Companion

Every traveler needs assistance in every trip. Check out our travel materials that help us in our every way.

Travel App

Before we planned our trip, we always checked the price of hotel and other places that we would like to go first. Because our budget is limited, and expensive things is our enemy.

Here is our favorite travel app for traveling:

  • Booking.com

We use Booking.com app simply because we can book the hotel first, then pay it at hotel. While we might change our reservation date or hotel options, we could cancel the reservation before its due date without cancellation fee.

Reviews at Booking.com also sometimes help us to decide which hotel we want to stay.

  • Hotels.com

Same with Booking.com, we can also pay the bill at hotel through Hotels.com. If you sign up for an account at Hotels.com, there are nights-reward that will be accumulated for one night free after ten nights stay.

  • Skyscanner

Skyscanner app maybe is the most helpful app when we want to search for flight ticket. The app searches for the most affordable and best options via its travel partners. So sometimes we could find the cheapest price at Tiket.com, Nusatrip.com, Kiwi.com or any other website in one app.

  • Google Maps

Best navigation apps around. Even now we can download the maps offline. But when it was offline, we couldn’t see the directions, so we have to find our own way, like reading a normal map. I think a review for Google Maps isn’t really needed here, as I believe, normally everything was Google-d nowadays.


The truth is, we have no special gear for our travel camera. We only depend on our smart phone camera: Sony Xperia Z3 and iPhone 6 (without any additional camera app). Tripods, gorilla pod, selfie stick, forget it. Just put the phone on the rock or whatever thing is (sometimes we use helmet tho).

We believe that it’s not about the gear, but the man behind the gear. Beautiful photos could be edited, but beautiful shot couldn’t.


Jati Luwih 4

We just use a normal motorbike with up-sized rear tire for stabilizing. We use motorbike if we travel to island near Bali, like Java or Lombok that can be crossed with a ferry. For your info, I have motion sickness that makes us hard to travel with a car.


No special brand for our backpack. As a wise traveler, a comfortable backpack is more important than a brand. Although we knew the fact that, brand equals quality, sometimes.

For a 3 days and 2 night’s trip, a backpack for Willy’s and my clothes is enough. Don’t ask the details of what’s inside. It’s just… enough.

If it was more than 3 days, or there was a special occasion (like a wedding party that we have to attend), we would have to use a backpack for each of us. Oh, we also have a sling bag for our important documents and gadgets to carry on everywhere.

How about a luggage? Thanks but no, thank you. Maybe we will consider traveling with a luggage when we have to travel for 2 weeks at the country which has winter season. Maybe.


Well, that’s all for our travel essential. Hope it can be useful for your trip! Happy travelling!


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