Museum of Masks: Indonesia Heritage Collections from Thousand Years Ago

While you were traveling, would you have a visit to a historical museum? Particularly, a museum of the history of your own country. Would you?

Without hesitation, we would say YES. Especially when we only had limited times and the museum itself was attracted, like Museum Angkut (Transport Museum) in Malang, Indonesia.

You may check our previous fun trip in Museum Angkut: Museum Angkut Malang – Museum Of Transportation All Modes, Early Indonesia at Transportation Museum, Malang, It’s A Movie Studio in A Museum, Europe Is Just One Step Away.

But from all our trip to the Transport Museum, I think the only place that feels like a real museum was Museum of Masks. With a lot of historic stuff displayed and friendly staff as a guide, we would say this trip was worth it. It was even for FREE.

Museum of Masks or D’Topeng Kingdom Museum in Bahasa, located in Pasar Apung area in Transport Museum. Pasar Apung (or Floating Market) is the special culinary area at the museum so you can visit this museum after you had your Indonesian special meals. Check out the map here.

This museum could be visited after you explore the Transport Museum building. When we came, we didn’t expect anything but to see the display, and because it was free entry, why not?

We first enjoyed the traditional dance show on the stage in front of the entrance of the museum, while we finished our cendol (Indonesia traditional drink, must try). Then when we came in, a kindly staff assisted us and nicely explained every corner of the museum. So kind and nice until we forgot to take pictures.

Museum Angkut Indonesian Heritage

D’Topeng Kingdom Museum displays around 2,000 masks from every region of Indonesia, and hundreds of prehistoric antique collection, such as traditional kingdom’s swords, dolls, tools, batik, even Al-Quran that aged 400 years! There was also a band’s live performance that singing Indonesian traditional song in this museum. We spend around 1.5 hours on a tour around the museum.

Museum Angkut Dtopeng museum

Museum Angkut Indonesian Museum

We were not sure whether the staff could assist foreign visitor, but worry not because there were Bahasa and English narrative explanatory boards in every display.

D’Topeng Kingdom Museum was still going under-construction when we came, so there were a little bit messy with building materials here and there. We hope the construction is going well, so our next visit will be more memorable.

Museum Angkut Dtopeng

Oh yes, don’t forget, SELFIE SPOT! Lol. We were forced for taking a picture at the throne, actually (remember the great kind staff?). They also had a sticker give away if you upload and tagged @dtopengkingdommuseum on Instagram.

So, would we recommend Museum Angkut for a visit? Well, for the purpose of the selfie, YES. For the purpose of education, hmm… a little bit. Because it does name a museum, but people a lot didn’t care about the essence of the educational side.

Finally, this is our last visit to Malang. We hope you enjoy our posts. See you on the next travel!



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