It’s A Movie Studio in A Museum

We were going to America!

Nah, just kidding. Transportation Museum (Museum Angkut) in Malang, Indonesia, has replicas of America in the old times. We couldn’t help but exciting to see what’s inside?

Museum Angkut Gangster Town

We first saw the collection of the old cars, like Chevrolet and other brands from America and Japan. Yes, Japan. We have no clue why it was there, so let’s say because Japan’s car is a worldwide brand.

Then, there was a Gangster Town, and Broadway Theater and Stage.

Museum Angkut Gangster Town Main

Specifically, Gangster Town displays the cars from 80’s era in America, with some building replica decoration. Yes, a selfie is everywhere, travelers!

Museum Angkut Police Car

But the cars are original.

Museum Angkut Police Station

Museum Angkut Bank of America

At Broadway Theater area, although it was just replica of the Broadway, there’s a movie show inside the theater that you can watch for free based on the time schedule. We forgot the movie name though, but it was a black and white comedy movie. No one was watching, to be honest.

Museum Angkut Broadway

Museum Angkut Payphone

Museum Angkut License Plate
This can be an educational corner of the museum

Museum Angkut Las Vegas

It was ended up with Las Vegas famous sign. Then, we were entering Europe!


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