Europe Is Just One Step Away

I mean, in the museum, all replicas, and decorations, where you could see most of Europe’s country just in one building. We haven’t been to Europe yet, but we could see that the Transportation Museum in Malang, Indonesia, had tried their best to bring out the atmosphere of each country.

First, we had a tour to Italy zone.

Museum Angkut Italy

We were looking for the famous Pisa Tower (for taking “fake” photos, of course), but I think the management team of the museum was focusing on Italy’s street.

Museum Angkut Italyy

Then, we were stepping onto France!

Museum Angkut Photo

There was a replica of the Eiffel Tower, but we couldn’t take a good photo of it because that famous tower in France was the visitor’s favorite spot for a selfie. And to be really honest, we were a little bit embarrassed about the replica so we didn’t capture it.

Not far from France, there was Germany zone.

Museum Angkut Europe

We figured it out that these zones actually had been made to display the cars in the right place and right years.

Museum Angkut Photo Mercedes

Museum Angkut Berline
I know. It was poor. The decoration.

Anyway, the last zone in Europe was England.

Museum Angkut Buckingham palace

Museum Angkut Buckingham palace front

When we saw the front building, there was this big poster, hanging on the “Buckingham Palace” said: “Congratulation for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”. And we were glad there was no a life-sized poster of The Duke and Duchess for a selfie corner. Because a photo corner with The Queen was already enough. No, we didn’t go for a selfie with The Queen. Really.

If you are interested in our trip to the Transportation Museum, you may also read the previous article: Museum Angkut Malang – Museum Of Transportation All Modes, Early Indonesia at Transportation Museum, Malang, It’s A Movie Studio in A Museum.

Happy travelling!



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