Early Indonesia at Transportation Museum, Malang

Check out our first post about Museum Angkut Malang – Museum Of Transportation All Modes. And why we were doing Travel to Malang : Exciting Things to Do.

From the first building in Museum Angkut (Transportation Museum), we moved to China Town and Batavian Zone.


Museum Angkut Chinatown

Because of Dutch invasion in the early 16th century, there was still shop’s name and institution that using Dutch in Indonesia. Although it’s a rare now, we must admit that there are some of Dutch that used in Indonesia vocabulary (e.g. kantoor in Dutch = kantor in Bahasa = office in English). Also, we couldn’t deny that Chinese is the largest population in the world, so when they came to trade in Indonesia, they would have their own town.


Museum Angkut China town

As you can tell, it was a photo corner AGAIN, rather than a historic side. Most of the people would be happy just for taking photos. And we couldn’t enter the building because it was just a decoration.

Museum Angkut Chinatown bajaj

Meanwhile, Batavia is the old name of Jakarta when it was still in Dutch invasion. On December 30, 1949, Batavia officially changed to Jakarta by Information Ministry.


Museum Angkut Sunda Kelapa

Sunda Kelapa was formerly the harbor town where Portuguese traded with the Hindu Kingdom of Pajajaran in the early 16th century. Since then this port has belonged to the Portuguese and Dutch. Dutch domination of Jakarta and the rest of Indonesia began in this area. (source: Google)


Museum Angkut Resto

There was a siomay (Indonesian dumpling) restaurant in this area of the museum with IDR 15,000/portion. You could have it to recharge your energy for exploring the next area of the museum.



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