Museum Angkut Malang – Museum Of Transportation All Modes

It was our second day at Malang and we decided to go to Museum Angkut Malang or Museum Of Transportation, Malang, East Java. We didn’t do any research before we came, so we have no idea what will be there.

Museum Angkut Malang opens every day from 12:00 P.M. – 08:00 P.M., the price for the entrance ticket is IDR 100,000/person on weekdays and IDR 120,000/person on weekend. We came on weekdays and there was a special discount during Ramadan month, so we paid only IDR 60,000/person. If you bring DSLR camera, you have to pay an additional fee as IDR 35,000.

Museum Angkut Malang has about 11 areas, and each area represents a different type of transportation based on the theme/zone. We will post the first building of the museum that has three floors.

1st Floor: MAIN HALL

At the hall, there were the old collection of motorcycles, cars (mostly Ford), helicopter, bicycle, and carriage.

Museum Angkut Mustang

Museum Angkut Transportation

Museum Angkut 1

I have to say that rather than learning about the historic side of a vehicle, mostly Indonesian people only care about taking selfies in front of the cars. Oh, 80% of the vehicle is original from what we saw, and maybe only 20% are replicas, like the horse of the carriage (of course!).

Museum Angkut Kereta Kuda

Just like a museum in general, we couldn’t touch the displays, and I found it silly because in every corner and in every door, there was a sticker says: “Do not open the door” and “Do not trespass the barrier”. Why was it silly? Because people were still trying to open it anyway. *facepalm*

2nd Floor: Garbarata Area

Garbarata means aviobridge or jet bridge in English.

We saw a replica of Titanic here, and other old times ships.

Museum Angkut Titanic

But nothing could attract us more than F1 simulator on this floor. Although we had to pay for an additional ticket for this F1 simulation games as priced IDR 25,000/person/one try. It was fun!

F1 Simulator Malang

There were also displays for currency and stamps around the world, and movie studio on this floor but we couldn’t watch it because we missed the show time schedule.

3rd Floor: Runway 27 Airport

Museum Angkut Airforce

There was a cafeteria on this floor, but we didn’t buy any because thanks to Mama, we already had lunch before we came to Museum Angkut.

There was also a flight simulation games on the 3rd floor but it was closed when we came. Besides, we saw that the ticket price for a flight simulation games is IDR 150,000/person. What a high-price.

So we only went to this old private jet of President of Indonesia and took photos inside.

Museum Angkut President Suite

Frankly speaking, I forgot that I was actually inside of the museum, not a photo shoot corner. Like, we came to the museum to learn history, why we were busy taking selfies instead? Oh, I don’t know anymore.

We saw that Museum Angkut had tried their best to bring the replicas of air transportation as real as they could, but a replica is a replica and the historic element of it has vanished as they just build it for selfies. We appreciate the old cars collection though. The only thing that we admired, I guess.

A general advice from us, if you want to come to any attractions and want to enjoy the place—not the crowd—try to come on weekdays. The price might be cheaper and taking photos will be easier.


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