Taman Bunga Coban Talun: Hortensia is Everywhere!

Not far from Oyot (Objek Wisata Coban Talun or Tourist Attraction of Coban Talun) that we posted here, there was a flower garden that full of pretty Hortensia (Hydrangea).

Taman Bunga Malang Coban


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It was called Taman Bunga or Flowers Garden, a special area for flowers and pine trees. Entrance ticket for Taman Bunga, Coban Talun,  is IDR 5,000/person, and each of 2 (two) tickets can be exchanged for a cup of coffee at the garden’s cafe.

Because of the beauty of Taman Bunga, no wonder this place could be used for a pre-wedding theme photo shoot.


Taman Bunga Malang

When we came, the weather was sunny and cloudy sometimes. Beside Hortensia, there were also other flowers, but we didn’t know the name. Please tell us in the comment section if you know the name of the flowers 🙂


Taman Bunga Coban Talun
So pretty… the flowers.



Taman Bunga Coban Talun Malang
I need a white dress…


We were satisfied with the garden! Although there were white benches everywhere in the middle of the garden, swings, and we don’t know what the hanging umbrellas for, this place was pretty! Please keep the flowers as it is. No need heart shape that made from rattan/wood, or heart shape gates, or heart shape swing, or any stairs and high places for selfies. Please. It’s already pretty.

Taman Bunga Malang Coban Talun


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