Pagupon Camp: A Flowery Camp Site

Next to Coban Talun attractions that we visited was Pagupon Camp. There was actually a campsite, but most people will be attracted by tiny houses around the area. That tiny houses could be rented for staying, but we didn’t try to find out because… it looks unreliable inside.


Malang Pagupon
Tiny houses (rooms) for rented


Entrance ticket for Pagupon Camp is IDR 10,000/person. This place was also recommended for a pre-wedding photo shoot and, of course, selfies.


Malang Pagupon Camp
It was locked, of course


There was this selfie spot with a sunflower that made from wood below. It has mountains background.


Pagupon Malang
Favorite selfie spot


Again, the heart shape…

Pagupon camp

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