Oyot (Objek Wisata Coban Talun) and Man-Made Dam

On our first day to explore Malang, we went to Coban Talun, a village in Batu that has some the nature attractions. We first tried to enter Oyot (Objek Wisata Coban Talun or Tourist Attraction of Coban Talun) with entrance ticket price as IDR 5,000/person.

We came at 10 A.M., the weather was nice, and there were just a few people around. Maybe because it is Ramadan month that made most of the people come at noon.


Dam Cinta Oyot 2

From the entrance, we saw pictures of Oyot’s attractions, such as:

  1. ATV;
  2. Beautiful dam that named Dam Cinta or Dam Of Love (I know, it’s sounds… lame);
  3. Duck’s boat (we couldn’t find the proper name in English, you know, a boat that made into a duck look alike then we have to paddle it);
  4. Fishing pond;
  5. Air bicycling; and
  6. Many spots of selfies with nature’s background.

Due to our coming in the early morning, there were some attractions that had no officer and still not open yet, like the duck’s boat and air bicycling. Also, we didn’t go for ATV because we have to pay extra for it. We had no interest in fishing pond, and all selfies spot with nature’s background just… unnatural.


Dam Cinta Oyot 3

Our review for Oyot attractions: Thank you for the effort to build a nice dam with water’s falling so we could enjoy the beautiful nature of Coban Talun. But please, no need to make such a selfie spot with heart’s shape or wood deck so the photos look like it’s taken from the high place. Sorry, but as a traveler and nature photographer, we like to keep it natural and untouched just because for a beautiful matter. No hard feeling. This is just our honest opinion.

Dam Cinta Oyot



Footpath OYOT

Overall, this place is still worth to visit with pretty garden and flowery footpath. Entrance ticket was also reasonable. And you can have pre-wedding photo session at the dam for FREE.


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