I wouldn’t say that living in Bali was fun. For Indonesian–but not Bali’s local–like us, we have to be prepared for being ignored at tourist area. Maybe because most of the foreigners will buy everything from the store without bargain, while we, locals, have to think twice before we bought something for our self, then we bargain to the cheapest price. If there was no deal, we leave. Haha!

Being ignored was something that actually we like. As for last Sunday, we went to the beach but instead of hanging out at the bar, we bought traditional snacks from the market and ate it at the shore. This month is fasting month for Moslem in Indonesia, and there are traditional snacks in every corner of the market for breakfasting. Trust me, all of these traditional snacks are worth to buy even you are not fasting. Why? Because it’s cheap.


Echo Beach Club
We ate our snacks with this view


We intend to watch the sunset, but why, thou, why the universe didn’t let us see the clear sky…? T-T

I wouldn’t complain. Nope. Forgive me.

I have this grateful feeling as soon as I realized that I live in Bali. Only 20 minutes to go to the beach(s), and only pay IDR 2,000 for the entry ticket. Like, what could be worst?


Echo Beach Club2
Echo Beach Club


Echo Beach Club has corals and coral hills at the shore, and it is one of the favorite spots for surfing activity. You can chill and relax at cafes and bars alongside the beach if you could spend more. Or just being like us: Come to sit down at the coral hills, watch the sunset, took photos, and bought snacks under Rp10,000 as the appetizer before dinner. Everything could happen.


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