I am the most forgetful person and I never admit it until Willy took me on a road trip. I easily forget the name of the road and places. In an instance! Lol.

Then I finally had this decision to make a journal with pictures that we have taken, but I don’t want to write it down in a book because I will have my best to turn it into a scrapbook which could maybe spend more times and spaces, and maybe it will be ended up in a drawer, moldy and only God and us know. So, writing on a blog would be a solution, and voila! This bikeandbackpacker.wordpress.com was born.

We didn’t set any goals on this blog at first, we made it for fun! We made this blog on purpose to share our journey with our photographs that taken only with a smartphone. (We are still working to have a DSLR camera though, but not in a hurry!)

But, you know, to gather people’s attention is not easy. We already tried our best to upload the most attractive photos as we could, and using English so it can be read worldwide (meanwhile, I’m still having this grammar error here and there), but the “LIKE” button couldn’t reach more than 10 in a week! Hahaha… Well, we are not a celebgram, Youtube artist or influencer, so yeah, we have a long way to go and extra hard working to do.

Setting goals are good. But we don’t want to make our goal become greedy and aggressive, then it made the fun be gone. I posted my daily thought only to make me have this writing activity as a habit and to make me a good storyteller. Oh, and to make my English get better too.

So, here’s our goal: To share the journey to the world. That’s it.

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