Funtastic Trip

There is one typical place that I want to try for dating as a couple. It is a fun yet simple place and full of happiness: Amusement park!

I’ve been to several places for a date with Willy, like the beach, mountain, lake, waterfall, shopping mall, night market, cinema, restaurant, cafe, groceries store (haha), but only an amusement park left that can fulfill my desire. Oh wait, I think I still need to have a date at a live sports match, F1 racing, band concert, and library… Did I miss something?

So, since Bali is a tourist destination with beautiful landscape offered, there was almost no amusement park larger than the smallest shopping mall here. This one amusement park that we have visited, to be honest, not as fun as we expected, but at least, our heart can be contented by a Ferris wheel.

Krisna Funtastic Land, located at Singaraja, Bali’s northern coast (2.5 hours from Denpasar), is one of Bali’s amusement parks that has a Ferris wheel that we dreamed of. You can read the full article here for details of the place.

We arrived at Singaraja on Saturday at 5 P.M., then we checked in to our hotel, Tanjung Alam Hotel (booked from A quick review about the hotel: Room was clean, nice view of the sunset, pool, and surround was pretty, TV channel was hopeless, no mineral water and minibar served in our room, and we thanked to have no breakfast buffet on the next morning. Well, we did book the room without breakfast and we were grateful because it seems unreliable. Sorry.

Sunset at Hotel
Sunset view at hotel
Sunset at Hotel2
Pool view

After had a sunset view at the hotel, we went to Krisna Funtastic Land. Once you entered, the building of Krisna Oleh-Oleh, one of the biggest souvenir store in Bali, welcomed you. We skipped the place. Come on. Next, we had to pass the Krisna Kuliner, full of restaurants from any kind of cuisine that you can choose for lunch or dinner. We skipped again. We will have our dinner later after we explored Krisna Funtastic Land behind.

Entrance Krisna Fantastic Land
Yeay, let’s go inside!

When we bought the ticket, we choose a regular entry ticket, because we were not sure that we will play all the rides or not.

Inside Krisna Fantastic Land

From the top Krisna Fantastic Land
View from the Ferris wheel

In the end, we just rode about 2 amusement rides… oh, there was no roller coaster, sadly. So, we went to Krisna Kuliner to have a dinner. We ordered siomay and batagor that seems appetizing.

We convinced you that nightlife in Lovina only crowded at some cafes, not literally on the road, so we had no choice but to come back to our hotel after we had dinner.

On the next day, we intended to visit Banyumala waterfall on our way home, but surprisingly the route was a little bit tiring. So, instead of enjoying the nature, we stopped by a food stall that had pork satay for our brunch. Oh, anyway, we already had nasi kuning (yellow rice) as our breakfast before at car-free day park.

Failed to come to a waterfall, we tried to choose another option: Rice field! We went to Jati Luwih rice field to have a glass of ice tea and juice and french fries.

Jati Luwih

Jati Luwih 4

Jati Luwih 5

Jati Luwih3

Jati Luwih2

Jati Luwih 6

After enjoying the green scenery, let’s move to the blue one. Yes, we can’t miss the beach after all. We came to these beaches that still had a few guests because it was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Pantai Yeh
Yeh Gangga Beach
Pantai Yeh 2
Cafe at Yeh Gangga Beach

Nyanyi Beach was our last beach to visit. And it was REALLY no one around. Maybe because this type of black sand’s beach wasn’t popular among tourist? I don’t know. But we like it this way.

Pantai Nyanyi
Nyanyi Beach

This was our recent road trip in Bali, and we still have thousands of road trip plans ahead. Stay tuned!

Happy traveling!


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