10 Facts About Us

If you read our previous posts, you may find out that we are a couple that currently live in Bali, and like to travel with a motorbike.

Here are some facts that we hope can help you to know us better.

1. We both are company slaves

For the sake of our travel life, Willy is working at oil company, while I (Junny) is working as an accountant. We both enjoy our weekend escape for stress-released activity.

2. Our hobby is not traveling

Traveling is our passion. Willy likes to do a roadtrip, meanwhile I like to read novels and manga (a lot).

3. We come from different island

In general, we both come from Indonesia. For specifically, Willy comes from Malang, East Java, and Junny comes from Kendari, South East Sulawesi.

Then we met in Bali 🙂

4. We like to take landscape photos, rather than do a selfie

We like to shot nature: Beach, hills, river, waterfall, mountain, lake, jungle, and no selfie.

I, myself, am still a little bit shy when Willy took a picture of me.

5. Editing photos

Willy hate edited photos, really. He likes the pictures remain as it is.

Me? Never mind.

Actually he reluctantly allowed me to edit the photos tone and color on this blog.

6. Cat lovers

Although we are still not adopting any single cat due to our working time, we never get bored at cat videos on Instagram 😸

7. Willy is always the one who ride

I can’t ride a motorbike nor a car. But, thanks God, Willy never complaints to ride the motorbike, even for 8 hours nonstop.

8. We are left-handed couple

Although Willy can use both hands, but originally he is a left handed. And… it makes us easily understand each other. For instance, we don’t have to surprised when one of us is holding a pen, spoon or knife with left hand.

9. We are on the opposite side

While I like to sleep all day, Willy likes to be on the road all day. But somehow, we managed to be together on the road trip and travel through the day. I’m still trying my best to capture the sunrise as many as our sunset photos collection though.

10. We can’t swim

Seriously. We will be the hopeless person on the water without a life jacket. We have no specific fear nor a trauma, just… we can’t.


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